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NerdyMates services

Being a student is not easy because you always tend to be busy. When that happens, my secret is to call on custom writing companies to help me with the extra work. One of the companies that I have attempted to hire is NerdyMates.com.

The company claims to deal with academic writing services and has been in existence for several years. They claim to write essays, term papers, research papers, thesis, and dissertation papers. Nerdy Mates also claims to create PowerPoint presentations for clients. Furthermore, the website states that when a client makes an order, the writers can see it from their accounts and pick what they can handle with ease. These are some of the services I saw on the web, and they persuaded me to contact them.

Still, if you want to learn the truth, you should read the rest of this review on NerdyMates company.

Fast Response to New Clients

So, I contacted the customer service and the support team was quick to respond. Their swift response made me believe that my assignment would be written quickly and professionally.

I was very excited that NerdyMates.com has such a fast response. But what I did not know at the time is that they are so fast only when it comes to prospective clients.  With their sugar-coated terms and conditions, I thought that only a writer who has robust experience would handle my paper.

Very High Prices

Nevertheless, the services offered by the company are quite expensive as compared to other services I had hired before. I can remember looking for a promo code and coupon codes for a long time and finding none.

That means that there are no discounts offered to clients even if they are using the services for the very first time. They have fixed prices. For my one-page essay, I paid $25, which I felt was too much. But I thought their prices would reflect their spectacular quality. Wouldn’t you pay more money to have your assignments done by professionals? All in all, I placed my order believing that it would earn me the best grades for the semester.

Late Delivery and Poor Quality

When I received their feedback, it was three hours late. I was promised that I would receive my paper after eleven hours and I received it after fourteen hours. However, I was happy to have my law paper done.

I decided to go through the work before submitting it via the college portal. Looking at the quality of the work, I can’t find the best word to define it. Pathetic is an understatement! The Nerdy Mates writer did not even follow the instructions and delivered the work without proofreading it to ensure excellent grammar. I contacted the agents, but this time around, they were very reluctant to help.

Bad Rating

I wanted to know what other clients said about NerdyMates.com. Believe it or not, almost everyone was complaining about their poor quality even after revisions. It is only accurate to mention that a student looking to achieve academic excellence should never trust this company with their work. You can quickly confirm this by checking the customer reviews and testimonials in the web.

I don’t regret leaving a “poor” rating for this company because they don’t offer quality services to their customers. Ever since that time, I have learned to go through various reviews before I hire any writing company.

Fortunately, in this case, I still had some time to work on my paper. If not, I would have failed the exam. However, don’t forget that my money was non-refundable. All in all, it was a miserable experience and I wouldn’t recommend NerdyMates.com to anyone.