Success and Failures of Political and Social Reform Movements

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   Industrialization did bring with it overwhelming strain and therefore enacting of reforms in Great Britain and America to overcome these pressures was necessary. A writer by the name Charles Dickens did refer this period as a best moment and the worst moment in his work, “A Tale of Two Cities”. His saying did express the 19th century and early 20th century situation in which people in the society especially the owners of the industries, their lives were becoming better and better, on the other hand, the poor who worked in the industries had their lived in bad situation (Sunderland, 2007).


Social and Behavioral Intelligence in Your Field

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I once attended a State Fair in which I met one of the Agricultural Officers who were acting as consultants to farmers and the public who were interested in agriculture in general. The Officer possessed unique characteristics that made me see him as a true professional. He had good decision making skills: farmers could explain the problems they experienced and he could provide all answers at instant. He was very pragmatic: it took him only seconds to figure out issues that were raised.


Should Access to the Internet be declared a Fundamental Human Right?

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About 30 years ago, the internet was non-existent. People knew that they should always carry out communication with friends, family members, business associates, and clients. However, there were only two ways to do so: write a letter or use the landline telephone. At that moment, research was left to top-notch tertiary academic institutions such as the Universities. The introduction of the World Wide Web (WWW) revolutionized how everything works. The Internet bubble brought its reforms in communication, transport, entertainment, education, and commerce.


Should Students Wear School Uniforms or Not?

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The debate whether students should wear school uniforms or not has always elicited opposing opinions. Each time the topic is presented to the table, people will always have diverse opinions on the matter, founded on some belief or backed up by some study. When formulating policies for high schools, the policy on school uniforms is always a tough one to decide as people are always divided. Some believe they restrict personalities while others believe they keep the students focused. I conform to the school of thought that advocates for school uniforms.