Service Quality in Sports

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This paper presents two aims: to evaluate the consistent effects of service quality and ticket pricing on behavioral and satisfaction intention and to extensively determine the service quality model identified by the theoretical explanations. An online study was conducted with the help of sampling soccer fans and a total of 1,335 valid questionnaire responses were implemented for data analysis.


Rogerian Argument Essay

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A month ago, my brother and I had an argument about whether he should study law or journalism as his major in university. He is in his final term of senior high school and expects to graduate by next month.

My brother has always had a passion for journalism ever since he was a kid. His interest is in this profession field. However, due to peer pressure from his classmates and friends, he wants to study law. The friends tell him that journalism is overcrowded, and the law profession has more money when compared to that profession.


Revision of the Financial Statements

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Under the cash basis, revenue is recognized and recorded in the income statement when it is received while expenses are acknowledged and recorded when they are paid (Blake, 2013). The revision of the financial statement was correct because the accrual basis system gives the actual picture of the business while the cash basis does not since it fails to record all items. Accrual basis recognizes all earnings and occurrences while cash basis recognizes only cash movements (Stittle & Wearing, 2008)


Fixing the problem: Developing an Effective Communication

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The cause of problems in most organizations is the lack of effective communication between the stakeholders. Lack of communication breeds misunderstanding and ultimately chaos and failure. Problems arising in organizations are always resolved by the robust discussion that eliminates the different barriers. The problems affecting MGI arose majorly due to ineffective communication among the founders and within the team. The same problems can be mitigated with effective communication put in place


Reading Summaries on Social Work Practice

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This paper will present a summary on two reviewed peer journals on social work. Firstly, the paper will highlight the studies about the social work practice with people who are disabled in the era of disability rights, and secondly on the issue of fostering children who have disabilities.