Fixing the problem: Developing an Effective Communication

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Fixing the problem: Developing an Effective Communication


The cause of problems in most organizations is the lack of effective communication between the stakeholders. Lack of communication breeds misunderstanding and ultimately chaos and failure. Problems arising in organizations are always resolved by the robust discussion that eliminates the different barriers. The problems affecting MGI arose majorly due to ineffective communication among the founders and within the team. The same problems can be mitigated with effective communication put in place.

Developing an Effective Communication

An effective communication in an organization entails passing clear messages and points in the company. The company needs to develop an effective communication to fix its problems. The applicable tips include diplomatic handling of conflicts, giving positive feedbacks, improving listening skills, trusting one another, respecting the views of others and choosing the most appropriate media to relay the intended message.

Communication in meetings can also be improved to ensure that the time used for the meeting is not wasted. The crucial and sensitive issues should be explicitly raised and possible solutions generated. Raising of matters can be done by clearly communicating the agenda of the meeting prior to the meeting to give each member to prepare and contribute effectively.



The primary cause of internal conflict in Music Games International is the lack of effective communication. With an effective communication in place, the conflicts affecting the organization can be resolved. Individuals with conflicting opinions, visions and wants can put across their points clearly and simply for everyone to understand. Well communicated ideas enable people in the organization to reach a compromise and sort out their differences amicably and inspire success within the team.