Should Students Wear School Uniforms or Not?

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Should Students Wear School Uniforms or Not?

The debate whether students should wear school uniforms or not has always elicited opposing opinions. Each time the topic is presented to the table, people will always have diverse opinions on the matter, founded on some belief or backed up by some study. When formulating policies for high schools, the policy on school uniforms is always a tough one to decide as people are always divided. Some believe they restrict personalities while others believe they keep the students focused. I conform to the school of thought that advocates for school uniforms.

Weighing the benefits from both sides of the argument, most of the solid benefits seem to lie on the proponents’ side. Firstly, uniforms, as the name suggest brings about uniformity regardless of the background of each student. This levels the field of play and reduces distractions allowing the student to focus on his studies. Uniforms eliminate distractions like comparing the kind fashion and ornaments rich kids wear, and what the ordinary wealthy kids wear. It relieves the students peer pressure of buying expensive clothes to play catch-up with peers. Similarly, it makes it possible for teachers and administration to notice the presence of strangers in the school. Uniforms also prevent the student from embracing bad habits like wearing gang related colors (What to wear, n. Pag). Teachers also back up uniforms, from a tried and tested point of view and note that they cultivate a positive culture in the school (Rhodes et al. 84).

On the other hand opponents hold that uniforms limit a student’s will to express themselves freely. They also say that students are forced to buy clothes twice for wearing during non-school hours. Clearly, given that school is a place for studies. Students should not dwell on things such as fashion in the name of expression. It practically does not make much sense (What to wear, n. Pag). The main reason student go to school is to study. If uniforms ensures they do just that, or enhances their chances of focusing on their studies and getting a better grade, it is without a doubt uniforms are the way to go.