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Strategic Planning SWOT Analysis

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SWOT analysis provides organizations with a guide to determine the internal and external negatives and the positives. An extensive review of external and internal environment of University of North Alabama was carried out by the strategic planning commitee. After reviewing the University’s strength, opportunities, weaknesses and threats, the committee identified the following issues.


Special Event Security

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Special events have always formed a significant part of human history. Anthropologists have been able to trace human civilization for thousands of years and at the core of their observations are the special events that describe and typify cultural and tribal behavior of human beings (Gabaccia, 2012). In the modern society it is quite obvious that special events feature in all aspects of the management and organization. It is also crucial to note that special events are not limited to festive gatherings; instead they include cultural, religious, public special events, trade shows and expositions. 


Solution-focused Brief Therapy

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SFBT is a psychotherapy approach that is emphasized on the development of solutions through an exploration of the available resources and the hope lying in the future instead of the current problems and their past causes. SBFT typically involves three to five short sessions and may be a useful preliminary or even sufficient interventional approach (Kim, 2007). The approach can involve the observation of the patient’s response to a lot of accurately developed questions and may include an analysis of the past for the communication of empathy or to acquire a glimpse of the client’s concerns about the future