Special Event Security

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Special Event Security

Special events have always formed a significant part of human history. Anthropologists have been able to trace human civilization for thousands of years and at the core of their observations are the special events that describe and typify cultural and tribal behavior of human beings (Gabaccia, 2012). In the modern society it is quite obvious that special events feature in all aspects of the management and organization. It is also crucial to note that special events are not limited to festive gatherings; instead they include cultural, religious, public special events, trade shows and expositions. Because of security threats across the globe and the need to emphasize on social security, most successful events are well planned with security measures in place. This has led to the category of security referred to as “Special Event Security” which is tasked with the responsibility of putting up measures to ensure that the event is free from any potential misfortune. The purpose of this essay is to show the significance of Special Event Security in any social gathering and their impact on the human safety during any gathering.

Special event security refers to a professional group of elite security officers who provide special event services designed to handle any size of either private or public event (Sims et al., 2015). At events where the population ranges from hundreds to thousands, from auditoriums to professional arenas and stadiums, the officers have a security program that is designed to address the demand of the particular event. The security officers are well trained to offer unique security services that address the challenges that have been presented by such large events.

The special events can be categorized into three major segments: a) unique events that require a major focus on security, simply because such events are very rare, for instance a summit meeting among managers or leaders to plan how to implement a particular policy; b) event that is considered normal however the nature of its guests and the agenda attracts a major attention; c) events that are considered quite controversial and require the attention of the media. The security strategies for these kinds of events are different and are designed to address the assessment threat. The function of security officers in this kind of meetings include Control of access, management of crowd, controlling traffic, parking, searching of luggage and bags, ushering, taking tickets, providing services to guests, assessing corporate risk, providing VIP services and offering executive protection.

The Special Security Event is very vital in any gathering. The presence of the professional security officers create a psychological assurance to the crowd that their security is guaranteed. This is not just limited to the crowd but also to the guest as well. With the threat of terrorism such as the 9/11 attack, the Special Event Security have been incorporated into the national security set up to offer alternative security measures and provide assistance to the already existing security framework. Special event security has also been incorporated into most management functions to ensure that the planning of the meeting continues as scheduled (Schutte et al., 2012). The security officers facilitate the program through directing guests, controlling the crowds and assisting in other logistics. In most events, the special proceedings continue as planned and the business continues as usual. This happens because special events security handles minor incidents of vandalism, disorder, trivial thefts, traffic regulation and public intoxication. Because of the previous terrorist attack, there has been increased awareness that the special events are potential targets for attack. In the modern society, special events require great attention just as the issues of homeland security. The special securities events also operate closely with the local community to assist solve essential problems during gatherings.

Examples of Special Event Security can be witnessed in executive protection – this is evident in scenarios where high profile delegates attend a conference or public gathering, for instance, the recent visit by the Roman Catholic pope in New York (Crossley & Harrison, 2015). During this event, special event security was contracted to control the crowd, and ensure that both individual and guest security is observed. Executive protection has also been witnessed during G8 summit and other similar conferences, in which the security officers are brought in to help in guiding the guests and limiting the crowd movements. Executive protection is also evident during campaigns where special security officers are contracted to ensure event security. Film and entertainment is another vital sector where special event securities are hired to provide security for celebrities and the crowd.

In conclusion, Special Event Security is a segment in the national security that is very relevant in the current society. The current society is characterized by cohesive and interactive social movement, at the same time the threat of potential attack is also imminent. It is for this purpose that the special event security plays a vital role in ensuring that management functions proceed as scheduled without any interference from outsiders. It is, therefore true that Special Event Security are significant in the present society.