Strategic Planning SWOT Analysis

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Strategic Planning SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis provides organizations with a guide to determine the internal and external negatives and the positives. An extensive review of external and internal environment of University of North Alabama was carried out by the strategic planning commitee. After reviewing the University’s strength, opportunities, weaknesses and threats, the committee identified the following issues.

Key strengths

  1. Quality Academic Programs and student Services: The University’s administrative provides much support to the student services and academic programs and this contributes immensely to their quality of education they offer. This includes the personal attention given to the student as well as the small ratio of faculty to student which helps provide sufficient time and resources to students.

  2. Economic Force in the Community: The University also enjoys incredible economic effect on the local economy. As revealed in 2011 economic impact study, it contributed to over $280 million of the local economy. The University impacts on the economy through payment of taxes, its expenses, providing indirect and direct employment to the locals, gifts and offering voluntary community services.

Key Weaknesses

  1. Lack of Financial Resources: The University faces the challenge inadequacy of money due to reasons such as increase in fixed cost, expense on service and program update, and reduction of government funding.

  2. Aging Facilities: The institution has older buildings that need funding to be maintained and restored.

Benefits of Conducting SWOT

The first step to countering organization’s weaknesses and threats is having a realistic recognition of them with robust set of opportunities and strengths. SWOT provides a balanced way of approaching the organization’s strategic plans and decisions towards achieving its mission, vision and objectives. It helps in building its strengths, reducing its weaknesses, countering threats and taking advantage of its opportunities.