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The twenty-first century marked a new dawn in the information and technology field. Advancement in technology is the order of the day as society adopts the changes brought about by this evolution gradually. Technology finds use in nearly every workplace thus making it an inevitable human invention. Technology innovation pursuits have revolutionized the way people approach learning, teaching, office work, research, and general industrial and human activities (Kelly). The use of computers, robots, and emphasis on Artificial Intelligence receives diverse thoughts and opinions from the society. The integration of computers, robots, and Artificial Intelligence machines in human activities brings forth positive and negative consequences depending on how gets managed.

Use of computers in our daily lives improves the convenience and speed of communication. With the use of computer gadgets, one can deliver and receive information at a click through the electronic mail services supported by computers. Advanced computer technology enables one convey different forms of media messages that include text messages, voice messages, photos, and videos (Carr). There is a reduction in cost and delivery time that traditional forms of communication encountered.

Production facilities use computer technology to meet the production targets instantaneously because of the processing speeds enabled by computer technology. The computational services handled by humans in ingredient mixing gets achieved by the profound speeds of computers. The repetitive processes that proved tiring and tedious to humans get replaced by computerized machinery. The takeover of the repetitive tasks frees the available taskforce to become creative in other areas thus complimenting the robots and computers tasks (Kelly). It is, therefore, clear that the presence of robots and computers does not lead to human labor replacement but instead improves the conditions of work.

Computer gaming receives attention from people across all age groups. Some people consider it a time wasting activity because of the addiction derived from consistent play time. Gaming provides channels of relaxation and enjoyment that disconnect society from the busy lifestyle. The games developed by computer gamers develop critical reasoning and problem-solving skills thus encouraging human development. Developmental games raise the conscience levels of kids thus brain development (Kelly). It is, therefore, the responsibility of parents to control the kids gaming tendencies to strike a balance between the healthy benefits of computer use and the laziness it breeds. The correct usage of computers provides more benefits than demerits to society. The today world without computers will be a hustle to humanity that receives addiction to using a computer device on a daily basis.

People argue that integration of computers in our day-to-day operations continually make humanity stupid because nowadays people read less thus becoming dumber. Persons in the category of the argument as mentioned above fail to realize the revolution in the reading culture propelled by advancement in technology. The changes in information communication get recognized in the media by the adoption of a simple and short style that saves readers time (Carr). People no longer read whole stories or articles thus deviated focus from the real information. A study made by James Olds gets illustrated by Carr on the brain-flattening into artificial intelligence.

Carr argues about the reduced concentration span with the use of computers at work. The available of other interesting stuff on the computer makes one focus less on the serious issues at hand (Carr). He argues that technology hampers the ability independent thinking because people tend to give up easily and a lack of clarity in translation.

Carr appreciates the merits of computers to writers that get access to vast knowledge in a field of research. The researchers save time that traditionally involved library research. The correct usage of technology with little negligence of the traditional reading habits proves beneficial to humans. The speed of information access guaranteed by computers with few clicks offers convenience that one cannot imagine waking up to the world without a computer.

The use of robotics and automation fueled by technology advancement gets viewed as a threat to human labor. The replacement of human tasks with robotics is inevitable, but the society fails to realize the advantages of robotics and the jobs brought about by the same. Advancement in robotics improves creativity because of the necessity of more sophisticated machinery to work with the available robots. New technologies raise the innovation levels and standards thus creating more jobs than the replaced jobs. The simplification of tasks advanced by robots plays a big role in the health benefits that workers deserve at work (Kelly). Robots lead to improved technical skills of a worker since most of the workers in the replaced environment receive training on handling the service requirements of the robots.

Replacement of human tasks by robots makes the personnel involved in the functions free to address pertinent issues that require critical decision-making. The quality of food, shelter, and clothing improves with automation in place and without human intelligence there is no sophisticated automation. The replacement of dispensing services by robots exhibited by pharmacies helps them focus more on patient-related concerns thus benefiting human life (Kelly).

It is hard to eliminate the robotics race or struggle with the advancement propagated by technology in automation and artificial intelligence machinery. Robots and AI machines handle tasks that seemed impractical. The devices developed accomplish work at reduced time rates, and fineness is extremely better than what human labor could attain. The use of robots gains a foot in almost every workplace with reduced costs and less trainability.

In summary, the above-discussed concepts about the integration of computers, robots, and artificial intelligence machines prove beneficial when properly used. The machines will not get better than humans but how we interpret and use the devices will lead to more jobs than we ever imagined.